We offer traditional and modern haircuts and styling, as described below.

Using a variety of methods and techniques, top quality tools, and a proper consultation, we aim to deliver exactly the results you want. If you are unsure, or fancy a restyle, we will discuss various options to be sure it’s what you want before even picking up tools! We also show you how to achieve the ‘look’ at home - and offer a quality range of styling products for sale.

Haircuts for all ages - we can do baby’s first cut – get them used to having a little trim! If a child is at all nervous, we encourage the parent to pop in a few times, sit with your child in the barbering chair, look at the tools (where safe to do this), look in the mirrors, perhaps see the parent getting a haircut too. This will help the child become used to the sights and sounds, and smells of the barber shop before attempting to have a trim.

Styles / Styling

All over clipper cut with fine finishing using mini trimmer around and over ears and back of the neck. We also can tidy eyebrows and ears as part of the service.

Clipper sides with scissor over top finish.

All over scissor cut – the traditional style of haircut, usually finished off with trimmers if required.

Restyle – usually begins with wash, followed by clippers on sides and scissors over top.

Fades and skin fades – details as per customer requirement.